The decision to breed Chocolate Lab puppies came simply as one of our favourites! I won't say whose favourite, but let's just say sometimes it's better to compromise than debate a point! We love all three colours and have had a black Labrador Retrieve and a Yellow Labrador Retriever. When breeding there is some risk of producing a Labrador Retriever known as a Dudley Lab. A Dudley Lab is one with no pigment in their nose or eyes. It's complicated, but the gene the Labrador Retriever has that determines its coat colour is not the same gene that is passed on for its offspring's coat colour. There is a recessive gene responsible. So mixing colours of breeding Labrador Retrievers comes with a risk of a certain combination of genetics which may produce a Dudley lab. Breeding a Chocolate Labrador Retriever to each other will always result in a litter of Chocolate Lab puppies and only one way that we make an effort to ensure we are breeding a quality Labrador Retriever.

Labrador Retriever Lucky and Bella
Labrador Retriever Mady and Janet

History of our Kennel Name

Quality, Purebred, CKC Registered

Our Chocolate lab puppies are worth the wait!

Lucky Labs

Why Chocolate Lab PUppies?


Our love for the  Labrador Retriever started back in 1971. I was just five years old when we moved into a new home. The lady selling us the home had a Labrador Retriever that she could not take with her where she was moving and feared that she would have to put him down. My parents agreed to take the dog along with the purchase of the house. We ended up saving him and named him Lucky. I remember spending hours on end playing with him. We would wrestle, play chase, have races (I would never win) and pretend to be hunters of ferocious game. As a boy I didn't need any imaginary friends because my best friend Lucky was always ready to play with me. Our kennel name Lucky Labs is in memory of the very first best friend I made.

Our Family

Only 5 minutes outside the small town of Wallaceburg, we are living our dream raising our 3 children in a big country home. We are both former professionals who decided to leave the world of being trapped behind a desk in an office. Raising Lab puppies in Ontario has become a dream come true. In the spirit of doing our part to save the planet we grow much of our own food in an acre garden. We have raised a couple of pigs, turkeys, chickens and have  laying chickens for their fresh eggs. Although we are not farmers, we enjoy the satisfaction of biting into an organic tomato or other vegetable fresh from the garden. What we can't eat we freeze or pickle for the winter months. We are close to Mitchell's Bay on Lake St. Clair where we fish for bass, perch and walleye and throw balls into the water for the labs to retrieve until our arms fall off.

We Love What We Do

Becoming a chocolate Lab breeder in Ontario means raising, playing with, training and grooming our Labs is all we do. We are lucky to have found an occupation that we are 100% tickled to be doing. The complete focus on our dogs allows us to dedicate 100% of our attention to their well being. Our chocolate lab puppies have been placed all over Ontario, Canada and the US. Meeting all the wonderful people who adopt our dogs and seeing their faces when they arrive to pick up their lab puppy is another plus of the profession.

We Truly Care

Our belief is that a Lab puppy is a friend for life. This could mean 12, 15 or more years. We make a promise to our extended family of continued support for the life of your Lab. We don't know everything, but if an issue arises that you need help with, we will do all within our power to assist you with it.