Lucky Labs

These are some of our previously retired Labs.

Chocolate Lab Breeder Donates to Shelter

Marty Has been placed in an amazing home! Thank you for the inquiries. 

Quality, Purebred, CKC Registered

Available Adult Labs to the Right Families:

We expect to have an adult female available in late spring/summer 2019. Apply on our Contact Us Page. 


We donate to our Local Shelter

When we place a retiring dog into a home we make a donation to the Wallaceburg Animal Shelter of 100% of the proceeds to spend as they see fit. We do our part to keep dogs out of shelters by requiring non breeding agreements, scanning our clients for suitability, taking dogs back from people who have run into an unfortunate circumstance and contributing financially to the local shelter.

We discourage people from buying a Labrador Retriever from back yard breeders as it is irresponsible breeders who don't perform eye, hip and elbow clearances prior to breeding, they often don't look into the background of the dogs they are using to ensure there is no recent relation of the male to the female or they don't screen their clients properly for suitability. This can result in people changing their mind and wanting to place their dog into a shelter, or even wrong people getting a Lab when they really aren't set up to have a pet or maybe they can't make the commitment for the lifetime of the dog.

Our Chocolate lab puppies are worth the wait!


On occasion we will have an adult Labrador Retriever who is going to be retiring from breeding that will be placed into a forever home. When our chocolate labs are ready to retire from breeding, they are in the area of 5 or 6 years old. Once we make a decision to retire a dog from our breeding program, and if we don't have the space to keep it with us details of the adoption will be placed here on the website. At that point you are invited to send us an application from our contact us page being sure to indicate in the comments which dog you are interested in. Many of our Labrador Retrievers live a full life between twelve and fifteen years old. Please also check our Available Puppies page for a current listing of Labrador puppies for sale.

Marty (on the snow) is one of our most beautiful stud dogs both in personality and physical attributes. He is a big snuggler and often forgets he is 75 lbs! We Imported him as a puppy from a reputable breeder in Lakewood California in April of 2015 at 8 weeks old. He has been cleared of Progressive Retinal Atrophy disease and his hip and elbow scores are excellent showing he is in the top 10% of all of the 27,000 dogs tested at that time.
Marty has developed an infertility problem and as a result we will be offering him as a fixed 3 year old male. He is very cuddly, on the shy side and has tons of love to give for many years to come. He has a microchip, is up to date on all heartworm meds and vaccinations, and is registered with both the American Kennel Club and the Canadian Kennel Clubs.
The right family will have the time necessary to care for him and the love needed to keep him happy and healthy for many years. If you are interested in Marty please indicate that in the comments when you apply on our Contact Us Page. Marty is offered neutered to the right family at $2500.