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Warning!!! Extreme Cuteness Follows!

Please enjoy looking through some of the pictures sent in by our Labrador Retriever puppy family over the years. We have mostly chocolate Labs but have placed a few black Labs with families in the past. Many of our dogs go to the Toronto area and we have chocolate labs in the extended Toronto area as well. Hamilton, Kitchener, Burlington, Mississauga, London to name a few. Each litter it seems as though we place at least one of our chocolate Lab puppies with a family from Ottawa. Normally they drive the night before pick up and travel home the next day. Our labs are just not within driving distance though as we have chocolate Labrador Retrievers in Michigan, New York, many in Thunder Bay, Kirkland Lake, Newfoundland, Montreal, and many cities in Alberta including one in Fort McMurray. People who fly, must fly in and carry their puppy in the cabin with them back home. The charge is only around $50 to have the puppy travel this way and it is not alone stuck in a cold, noisy cargo area. We don't place our puppies in a crate in the cargo area of a plane as even though many puppies have made it on planes this way, there is a certain amount of stress involved first when a puppy leaves its pack and is on its own and then the transition to the puppy's new home. So we like to try to minimize this stress and believe that if you have the best interest of the puppy at hand you will want to be with it on the flight. Cost of flying a puppy is around $450 which is about the same if you flew and picked it up.


Chocolate Lab Christmas Puppy Charlie