For those of you who would like your labrador retriever's training to be already started, we offer a 14 day program. Our Best Start program is designed for us to keep your lab puppy until week 10 while it undergoes formal training 2-4 times a day based on how your lab responds along with informal socializing with our family. We will start your lab's training for the following: respond to their name, sit, stay, off, potty training, walk on a loose leash, down, and fetch. One of the most important things during the weeks 8-16 of your lab puppy's life is being taught to follow rather than lead. We will begin the training process and spend time with you when you pick up your new puppy teaching you how to carry on the training and answering any questions you may have. Your lab puppy will socialize daily with other dogs and the members of our family and will be exposed to various noizes and terrain.
What's covered?
-lots of love, affection and guidance (yes it is hard to let them go)
-2 to 4 formal training sessions daily, exposure to different human, K9 and numerous sound and

situational stimulus. For example, hair dryer, television, doors closing, music, microwave, etc..

-gradual exposure to crate training with time increasing as tolerated

-trips in the car

-and pretty much everything else that happens in a normal household.

What's not covered?
10 week shots

Cost for the Best Start Program is $42 a day or $588 for the 14 day duration.
We are only able to accept 1 or 2 puppies at any given time to this program due to space in the house and the great amount of time taken with each.

Chocolate Lab Puppy Training off Leash


Our Chocolate lab puppies are worth the wait!

Lab puppy Jetta playing in her crate in our kitchen.

Click for a short link of Chocolate Lab Deacon working on greater distance and greater duration of "STAY"

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Chocolate Lab Puppy Crate Training
Chocolate Lab Puppy Training