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In the North American society in which we live we have been conditioned to automatically look for the lowest price when we search for a new product. Every day we are bombarded with advertising on tv, newspaper, internet and radio to "save, save, save." "Lowest prices, 30% off, 2 for 1. When purchasing chocolate lab puppies you are bringing in a new member to your family for possibly 15 years. We want to encourage you to search for your new family member not by way of the "cheapest dog for sale" rather, the "best chocolate lab puppies you could find." You will want to be reasonably sure of a couple of things:
The first is that you are ready for a commitment of that length. If you are ready, then you will want to ensure that care has been taken to breed  genetically sound, smart, healthy chocolate lab puppies. One of which whom will be your companion for years to come. Imagine two years down the road finding out that your dog has severe hip dysplasia and has to be euthanized. Understanding this, we have taken great care selecting and evaluating the Labrador Retrievers we breed in every effort to eliminate that risk. Here are some of the reasons for considering our chocolate lab puppies:

The parents/grandparents of our chocolate lab puppies have undergone hip and elbow xraysto certify that they do not have hip or elbow dysplasia. Each Test cost about $600. It is not mandatory that breeders have this test done on their Labrador Retriever breeding stock so beware of other breeders who have not taken the time to check that their Labrador Retriever has genetics are suitable for breeding.
The parents/grandparents of our chocolate lab puppies haveundergone tests on their eyes(yes we actually take them to an eye specialist about 1 hour and a half away). This means that the parents of our chocolate lab puppies do not have a genetic eye disease they might pass on and are worthy of breeding. It cost around $45 for the test. It is not mandatory and many breeders do not have this test conducted on their dogs prior to breeding.

Our dogs are not inbred. We have a pedigree-a family tree so to speak-which we can look back upon to ensure brothers and sisters, or fathers and daughters are not breeding. We also do not "line breed." Line breeding is when a grand parent is bred to a grandchild. This is done when a Labrador Retriever breeder wants to repeat a certain trait in a dog or other animal. The risk of a weakened genetic profile for an enhanced look is a risk that we just do not take. The Canadian Kennel Club keeps records on purebred dogs and their litters. It only takes about 4 or 5 minutes to complete the paperwork on a puppy to register them with the CKC-it's not a big deal. Beware of puppies called "purebred without papers." There is no such thing. What makes a dog a purebred are the papers which show a record of it's breeding history.

We provide you with a one year comprehensive warranty and a  four year written health guarantee on major organs when you purchase your chocolate lab puppy. We want you to have peace of mind that every effort has been taken to provide you with a sound, classic Labrador Retriever. We understand that this puppy will become a new member of your family and we want you to enjoy it for many years to come. If a genetic defect is discovered in your Lab puppy we will replace it for you as outlined in our guarantee. Our goal is to exceed your expectations by providing ongoing communication after you bring your chocolate lab puppy home.
Our puppies come with 6 weeks of complimentary health insurance (for Canadian residents only) which covers vet fees for illnesses and accidents or advertisements in the event your puppy is lost or stolen.

Each chocolate lab puppy is microchipped for identification.

Our Veterinarian administers the first set of shots and conducts a health examination on each puppy. You will receive this certificate of health signed by our vet when you pick up your new Labrador Retriever.

All of our chocolate lab puppies will have been de-wormed 4 X by the time they leave at week eight beginning at week 2.

We are a registered Kennel with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) in good standing.

 Most importantly we have arranged a discount for the training and info site which will help you prepare for the many things you will need to know before you take your new puppy home. It also shows you step by step how to train your chocolate lab puppy and set them up to follow you for years of K9 enjoyment. This is 95% off of the regular price of $299.00!!

 We spend a great deal of time  socializing our lab puppies while they are with us. Puppies are exposed to many different people, adult Labrador Retrievers, surfaces, sounds and situations. This begins at week 3 after their eyes and ears open.  

Our chocolate lab puppies sell for $1,500.00. A non-refundable deposit of $400 will reserve a puppy for you. Reservations are taken in order that we receive your deposit. Our puppies are of high quality and are in demand so it is normal to have reservations for litters that have not yet been born.

** Here is how it works. Once you place a deposit, you will be assigned a position of pick. If there are no spots in current litters available you will go onto the waiting list. You are placed at the end of the list of either male puppies or female puppies depending on what you decide to reserve. As our mothers come into heat people on the waiting list are emailed in priority with pictures of the parents and asked if they wish to move from the waiting list into a specific litter. If you accept your choice will be confirmed by an email from us. If you choose to pass you will remain in the waiting list moving up to any spots that were left open from others moving off the list.

Once you move into a litter the process works like this. If for example you are 2nd pick of the female chocolate lab puppies of a litter, the puppies are ready for pick up eight weeks after the puppy's birth. Around week 4 you will be emailed your appointment to pick up your puppy and scheduled after the first pick has arrived and picked. So for example if there are eight puppies born, 4 girls and 4 boys, and you get second pick of the girls, your appointment will be made a half hour after the first pick has picked-up their puppy and you will have the pick of the remaining 3 girls. This gives the puppies time to open their eyes, and begin developing their personality before you have to make your choice. We will post new photos at 7 days and again at week 4 to show the chocolate lab puppies progress. We will also provide you with a written contract of the position of pick, the sex and color of puppy you have requested upon receiving your deposit.

** We take deposits for four boys and four girls from each litter. Our mothers have had up to 13 puppies. In the event your choice of sex or color is not whelped, you will be offered priority pick of the very next availability we have. We provide this in writing to you upon making your deposit.

We feed our puppies as well as their moms and dads a natural pet food with the reasoning behind it being the better quality food we feed our Chocolate Labrador Retrievers, the healthier they will be. Feeding for long term health not only allows our dogs to enjoy a full, healthy life, it minimizes the Veterinarian bills which could add up over the dog's 15 years.

Since feeding our dogs this whole life natural food, we have been able to feed them less which results in fewer poops to clean up. The best reward and reason we can stand behind this food is because of our dogs' health and lack of vet related health concerns. They look healthier and we have the piece of mind that we are doing what's best for our dogs. Better yet, the company ships the food for free right to our door. This is appreciated over the course of 15 years of not having to lug a 40lb bag of dog food from the store to your car, then your car to the house.

We adhere to the Code of Practice for Canadian Kennel Operations written by the Canadian Veterinary Association. You can find the document at:

This pet food is a super premium food with more than 75% meat content. In searching a long time for a food that we were comfortable feeding our dogs we have finally found one. The tough time we had when searching for a suitable food was finding one who's marketing was not misleading. For example, we learned that according to the laws of listing ingredients, that if for example chicken was listed as the first ingredient, this was because it was weighed before cooking with all of the water in the chicken still contributing to the weight. Once the chicken was cooked and the water had been removed, it certainly wouldn't be the first ingredient because much of what was making it heavy had been cooked out. The lamb meal and chicken meal listed as the first two ingredients in the food shows a true measure of the amount of meat protein in the food. Meal is weighed after it is cooked which gives a very accurate representation of how much meat is actually in the food.


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